Welcome to a More Emotionally Intelligent You

Dr. Daniel Goleman Ph.D. the author of Emotional Intelligence says that self-awareness is the most important step to becoming more emotionally intelligent.

You’re about to start on your personal journey to greater self-awareness. The first step is taking our fun 7-minute Assessment which is based on the most scientifically validated understanding of motivation and human temperament. Your personalized Temperament Report contains:

  1. Your Temperament Type
  2. Your Strengths - the natural advantages and strengths of your intrinsic motivation and temperament makeup
  3. Fantastic Tips - learn how to optimize your strengths while eliminating your natural weaknesses

There are two versions of the JOY Assessment. The Free Version and the Job Specific Version that provides additional advice for specific jobs like salespeople, managers and negotiators. The Job specific version is a paid version that required an authentication code, We recommend that you start with the free version and then contact JOYai for more information about the paid version.

Free Version:
Paid Version: